Create A Small Business Website The Smart Way

What we don’t know can hurt us, and our business. Time moves on – we live our lives – and things change, all around us, but we are only peripherally aware of these changes.

Change on the Internet happens so fast that educators cannot even plan a course on certain topics more than a few months ahead.

People who have to keep up with Internet changes are reading every day, have subscribed to email lists that keep them up to date with trends, and are often constantly taking courses, watching videos and webinars and downloading podcasts and white papers just to stay up to date.

Someone already running a small business has no time for any of that! They must get help or they miss out on so many new tools that they could choose to use to increase their customers.

The smart way to create a small business website is to start small but stay flexible.

Using concepts you already understand, it goes like this.

Get a business website url. Build a website there that starts as an extended business card. Develop it into a brochure with better descriptions and images. Gradually distribute this url to other websites (eg Facebook). Keep developing and improving the website. Start to include ways for a two way exchange of information and build a personal client list that will engage with your business. Further develop your website and links to other community websites as appropriate for your business. Keep growing and keep in contact with your customers.

But to create this small biz website without guidance is hard!

A spider starts spinning a web with a single thread, gradually weaving a few more threads together and continues weaving and repairing the web as needed. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is an effective business website. It’s a process that needs to be continually grown.

Done effectively, it will bring a financial return on your investment by spreading the word about your business via directory and search links which makes your business easy to find. You already know that walk in traffic will only go so far, promoting your products and services is what will keep your business thriving.

Website marketing is the most effective, cost efficient and targeted marketing you can do. It’s still marketing though, not just a passive static site, so you do need to do it often and effectively!

Please contact us if you need some help. As a website consultant we can tailor your business a solution that is very affordable.

We can make all types of websites, from one page to directories, and including those suitable for viewing concise websites on mobile phones. We link these to your own custom social media pages. We can do graphics and make videos. We promote client websites with seo so you grow your presence in search results. Nothing happens overnight. Why not get in touch and see what we can do for you?